First Aid Kits: What To Look For And Where To Keep Them

While it's not something that everyone thinks about, having a properly stocked first aid kit on hand can be of critical importance in the event of an injury. Unfortunately, it only really becomes evident when you don't have one, or when the one you have doesn't contain what you need. Where a first aid kit is kept will play a big part in what should be in it, so knowing what to look for in kits for your home and office or your vehicle will help you to be certain you're prepared. [Read More]

Learn What Goes Into Choosing A Medical Shoe To Correct Differing Leg Lengths

There are some people who are born with one of their legs longer than their other leg. This can make it very difficult for the person to be able to stand or walk comfortably. Having surgery is often not a possibility for many of these individuals because their leg length varies so dramatically. Fortunately, someone with legs of differing lengths do not have to constantly walk with a limp or ride around in a wheel chair because medical shoes can correct the differing lengths. [Read More]

3 Things The First-Time Wheelchair User Needs To Know About Getting Around In Public

If you've recently had to learn how to use a wheelchair--whether it be as a temporary or permanent solution--the fact remains that learning how to get around in public can be a real challenge. Unlike your home, which you can adapt to make more wheelchair accessible, public spaces aren't always easy to maneuver around. By being aware of a few important tips for beginner wheelchair users, however, you can avoid some of the obstacles and frustrations that come along with trying to maneuver your wheelchair in public. [Read More]

What Are The Benefits Of A Knee Walker Over Traditional Crutches?

Traditional crutches have been in use since prehistoric times helping injured men, women and children stay functional and mobile as they heal. Knee walkers, on the other hand, are relatively new to the medical scene, so many patients aren't aware of the benefits of knee walkers. Knee walkers offer many advantages over traditional crutches. Knee Walkers are Easier to Operate Crutches require balance and upper body strength. Walking anywhere on crutches can be a chore, and for some people, it's an impossibility. [Read More]