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Suffering From Arthritis? Here Are 4 Types Of Mobility Aids To Help

If you are suffering from arthritis, you might have found that over time your joints have become stiffer and more painful. A common side effect of moderate to severe arthritis is that you lose some of your mobility. Instead of trying to struggle to stand or walk, you can use the following mobility aids. Contact a company such as Jay Hatfield Mobility for more information.


A walker is probably one of the first things you will use when you start dealing with mobility issues. It is such a simple thing but can make a dramatic difference in how you feel and what you are able to do. A walker provides the stability you need when standing or walking and helps you get from a lying down or sitting position to a standing position. You can have the walker customized to fit your height. Some walkers have wheels on the front while others don't.


Another mobility aid to consider using is a scooter. Mobility scooters require a small investment, but it will be well worth it. Scooters are for people who have mobility issues but aren't quite ready for a wheelchair. Like walkers, scooters are also very easy to use and maneuver around hallways and tight corners. When choosing a scooter that is right for you, you should consider things like how often you will use it, whether or not you need to use it in your home, and if you want a lightweight or heavy scooter.


When it comes to wheelchairs for mobility, you can choose either a standard wheelchair or an electric one. A standard wheelchair still requires you to move it on your own with your arms by pushing the wheels, or by having someone push you in it. If your arms are included in the joints that hurt due to arthritis, you should get an electric wheelchair. These types of wheelchairs won't require much physical exertion and can go on many different types of surfaces. They also go uphill without effort, so you won't need someone to help you.

Lift Chair

A lift chair is a type of mobility aid for the home. If one of your biggest problems is getting out of the chair or sofa, then a lift chair will be useful. With the push of a button, the recliner-style chair lifts up so you don't have to do much bending or use physical exertion to try to get up and out of the chair. This is a good alternative to using a walker to help you out of the chair at home.