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Learn What Goes Into Choosing A Medical Shoe To Correct Differing Leg Lengths

There are some people who are born with one of their legs longer than their other leg. This can make it very difficult for the person to be able to stand or walk comfortably. Having surgery is often not a possibility for many of these individuals because their leg length varies so dramatically. Fortunately, someone with legs of differing lengths do not have to constantly walk with a limp or ride around in a wheel chair because medical shoes can correct the differing lengths. The following guide will walk you through the steps that go into choosing the perfect medical shoe for an individual.

The Height of the Shoe

The sole of the shoe is the portion that varies in height. One person may need the sole to be thicker than someone else, so each shoe has to be custom made for each individual. In order for the height of the shoe to be determined, a professional measures both of the person's legs to see how long each leg is. The professional then determines how much extra length the person needs in order to be able to walk as normally as possible. The difference in length will be added to the sole of the shoe to create an even and balanced stride when the person walks.

The Weight of the Shoe

Medical shoes are designed to be lightweight so that someone can easily walk while wearing them. Children's medical shoes need to be even lighter than adult shoes because children's legs are not as strong as adult shoes. When the professional is determining the right shoe for someone, he or she will take their muscle strength into account to ensure that they can use the shoe as comfortable as possible.

The Style of the Shoe

Medical shoes are now available in many different styles. Someone who needs length correction when they walk can choose between dressy or casual shoes. They can choose the colors they want and even choose to have some shoes decorated. When choosing the shoes, the person will be able to choose from a variety of styles and colors to ensure that they are able to get a shoe they will be proud to wear.

Medical shoes are often very necessary for someone with differing leg lengths. They can make someone feel less self-conscious about their situation and even give them the ability to do things that they would not otherwise even attempt to do. The medical shoes are designed to improve someone's life and make things easier for them.

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