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What Are The Benefits Of A Knee Walker Over Traditional Crutches?

Traditional crutches have been in use since prehistoric times helping injured men, women and children stay functional and mobile as they heal. Knee walkers, on the other hand, are relatively new to the medical scene, so many patients aren't aware of the benefits of knee walkers. Knee walkers offer many advantages over traditional crutches.

Knee Walkers are Easier to Operate

Crutches require balance and upper body strength. Walking anywhere on crutches can be a chore, and for some people, it's an impossibility. This means that many people who use crutches are limited in the places they can go and the length of time they can remain functional in an upright position. Knee walkers, by contrast, are relatively simple to operate and require significantly less upper body strength. People who use knee walkers are more able to conduct normal daily life without needing rest or cutting out activities. 

Knee Walkers are More Stable

Knee walkers have a broad base of support and are propelled by wheels, which means they're relatively stable in a variety of conditions. From uneven pavement to slippery surfaces, knee walkers can remain upright in settings where crutches would be a liability. This allows patients to have more mobility and freedom while the injury is healing. 

They're Non-Load Bearing

Patients using crutches may be told that it's alright to place a small amount of weight on the injured leg, as long as the injury does not become painful. However, misjudging how much weight is acceptable can result in further injury and delayed healing time. Knee walkers are completely non-load bearing, taking all the decision making away from the patient. This prevents accidents that can complicate or exacerbate injuries. 

Knee Walkers Feature Convenient Design Innovations

Knee walkers have a variety of design innovations that make them more convenient than crutches. Knee walkers come with a steering component that make it easier to maneuver in crowded areas and tight spaces. In addition, many knee walkers come with cup holder accessories and baskets that allow users to carry around items that they need in their daily life. 

Knee Walkers Achieve Faster Speeds Than Crutches

Knee walkers function a lot like scooters, allowing the users to quickly move from one location to another. People who use crutches tend to have a lurching mobility that is both slow and awkward. 

If you've recently been injured and are currently using crutches, you may benefit from a knee walker. For more information contact your physician today.