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What To Expect From A Pre-Employment Drug Screening

So, you've recently been given a job offer, but you've been informed that it's contingent on you passing a pre-employment drug screening in the form of a urine test. Assuming that you haven't partaken in any illegal drug activities in the past month or so, you should be just fine. However, a drug screening can be a stressful process--even for those who haven't used any illegal drugs. By knowing what to expect, you can calm your nerves and ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible.

Before the Test

In the 24 hours or so before the test, there are some things you'll want to be careful about. For starters, don't make the mistake of drinking lots of water before the test in the hopes that this will help to flush your system out. Not only does this not work, but there's a good chance that your urine could be too diluted to even test, so you'll be wasting your time.

Furthermore, it's recommended that you don't drink any alcohol the day before a drug test and that you avoid using any mouthwash with alcohol in it before you head to the testing facility.

What to Bring

Before your drug test can begin, you'll need to confirm your identity by presenting a form of government-issued ID. This could include any of the following:

  • a valid driver's license
  • a state-issued ID card
  • a military ID card

If your employer has required you to take the drug test, you shouldn't have to issue any payment. However, if you're having the drug test done independently, you should also bring an accepted form of payment along with you, as many facilities will require you to pay in full before the test.

Getting Your Results

For your urine test, you'll be given a small cup and given a specific amount of time to enter a private bathroom and urinate into the cup. In some cases, the facility may ask that you refrain from flushing the toilet after giving your sample, so be sure to follow these instructions to avoid your sample being considered invalid.

Once you've given your sample, you can typically get the result immediately. However, if your employer has requested a lab test (which typically tests for a wider variety of drugs and is more accurate), then you may need to wait several days to receive your results. However, you should already know what your results are going to be, right?

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