Three Ways Ultrasound Is Useful For Your Pet

Ultrasound is a safe, painless and useful technology in veterinary care. It's the same technology used to generate images during human pregnancy. In animal medicine it serves as an efficient way to visualize organs, which helps prevent the need for exploratory surgery. The veterinarian presses the ultrasound tool against the skin, where it sends high frequency waves to target areas such as the liver, or kidneys. Images are created when the transducer collects the sounds waves that bounce back. [Read More]

COPD And Chronic Lung Disease: 3 Tips For Living An Active, Fulfilling Life With COPD

Approximately 24 million Americans have COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) and related lung disorders. This family of diseases makes it difficult to breathe and may prevent oxygen from getting into the bloodstream, resulting in fatigue and weakness. For people with moderate to severe COPD, doing common tasks, such as cleaning the house, walking up a flight of stairs and holding down a full-time job can be exhausting. Fortunately, COPD is treatable. [Read More]

3 Questions To Ask Before Purchasing Hearing Aids

Hearing aids can be one of the most valuable and rewarding purchases you ever make. The improvement in quality of life that many people report after beginning to wear a hearing aid is remarkable--favorite songs, the voices of loved ones, and everyday conversations all come alive again. But before you make a purchase, you'll want to carefully compare the different types of hearing aids available on the market. Below are three questions you should ask before coming to a final decision. [Read More]

Suffering From Arthritis? Here Are 4 Types Of Mobility Aids To Help

If you are suffering from arthritis, you might have found that over time your joints have become stiffer and more painful. A common side effect of moderate to severe arthritis is that you lose some of your mobility. Instead of trying to struggle to stand or walk, you can use the following mobility aids. Contact a company such as Jay Hatfield Mobility for more information. Walker A walker is probably one of the first things you will use when you start dealing with mobility issues. [Read More]